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Today, the Facebook has a very visible effect on the promotion of individual products and entire brands. And as advertising specialists say, there is necessary to occupy a niche in this social network now, while business competition with other companies is not too hard. Buying likes on Facebook is one of the easiest and fastest ways to promote a page, which, moreover, has a viral effect – people tend to trust the opinions of most customers and gladly try something that someone already likes. You just have to decide how many likes do you want to get for the start of the page. And we, in turn, will offer you reactions from real, active users, and not from useless bots.

Why buying FB likes is an effective marketing ploy?

Facebook is a user-oriented social network. Its main purpose is to make people enjoy the information, viewed in the line, and wanted to come back here again. That’s why social network systems register any signals of user interest in the content. Likes in this case occupy one of the most simple but strong positions among the ranking characteristics. That is why today more and more people order Facebook likes to promote their profiles on social networks.

Facebook is using by the most of the residents of developed countries. For many users, the profile in this social network is one of the main ways of communicating with the world around. It is mean that almost all information, which people interesting in and like, they can to found on the Facebook. So why not offer your services or products in the place where your potential customers are already looking for that?

Considering Facebook page likes price and prices of PR and SMM, the latter ones are less profitable. Especially if you launched your official page recently. In this case, you must firstly to draw attention to yourself and show the Facebook system that there is a lot of useful and interesting information on your page. This is done using likes from visitors there.

What types of paid Facebook likes will you get for promotion?

People on Facebook use not just likes but different reactions too. And also there are three types of likes:

  • To your posts on the page – it can be “super”, “wow”, “commiserate” and “angry”;
  • To your photos, posted on a profile or on a promotion page;
  • To the page in entire – an indicator of user confidence in the content posted on this page.

If you buy Facebook fans from us, we guarantee you positive reactions and also work with negative ones – we can convince the customer to change their mind.

Why bought reactions in Facebook do not work sometimes?

It is important to remember that reactions in Facebook can be canceled – that is sometimes noticeable in period, when you wrap likes. But since you have already paid the money and want a permanent result, we guarantee the return of likes for your posts if they are canceled by users. Also, the profile may be temporarily blocked by moderators because of the sudden increase in the number of reactions on the page. So, you can to buy 1000 likes on Facebook and then you will get them. Not immediately, but during the specified period. In this way your page will not cause anyone mistrusts.

Some users check clients of companies represented on Facebook to realize how real they are. They go to profiles of another customers and check how active those people are on their pages and can they be fans of the brands they follow? But anyway there are very few such users, because people are usually interested in their own pages and preferences, rather than various strangers in social networks. So you just have to find the best place to buy Facebook likes and professionals, who can put them correctly.

Why can you be confident in the quality of Viplikes services?

Many customers have heard that Facebook likes purchase for profile promotion may not work, especially if you need to promote the official brand store page. There are reasons that we can solve:

– very often likes on social networks are put from clone pages of real people or bots, that are easy to identify – promoted profile can fall under the FB sanctions because of that. With us you can to buy real Facebook page likes, which are put down by active users;

– irregular activity on the page and ignoring individual posts – we control the frequency of reactions on the Facebook profile and distribute them among the posts as naturally as possible, with paying attention to each new post;

– people don’t know how to buy likes for Facebook page without risking their own money and time – we guarantee our customers that we will refund their money if they will get an insufficient number of likes or not the reactions that they need and have paid of;

–  promoters don’t know, how much does it cost to buy likes on Facebook and where they can to buy it cheaper – we will offer companies an effective way to promote your page in Facebook with the optimal number of reactions.

Also do not be afraid that cheap Facebook page likes will not work effectively. It’s not so important how many likes will be placed on the page, as how the promotion will be done. When there are already many reactions in the profile, you need to make sure that their number does not decrease in time. Therefore, buy instant Facebook likes immediately, as soon as you notice that your fans or customers have reduced the degree of activity. Also a good indicator is the situation, when under the new post quickly appears a lot of reactions, because usually users react immediately or never after once saw. So it would be good to buy quality Facebook likes for implementation during this period.

How to pay for likes on Facebook?

Payment of profile promotion in a social network can be completed in Viplikes company by cashless way. This means that you can to buy legit Facebook likes at a convenient time for you. Cheating reactions will begin on the day when we receive payment from you. You can to order reactions for a day and then, when make sure that everything works, buy more Facebook likes.

When you are looking for the best website to buy Facebook likes, just compare the offers of several companies. At the time, pay your attention for:

– period, during which work on your profile will be in progress – fast likes cheating does not mean work efficiency;
– Facebook average cost per like – usually, you pay the less money for the more reactions you order;
– reviews of the company with which you want to conclude a partnership agreement.

Given the above, you can make a conclusion yourself, why it is profitable for you to buy likes on Facebook. And we guarantee that the work on promoting the web profile of your company or personal brand will be done as efficiently as possible and within the boundaries of our agreement with you.